Our equipment is continuously maintained to industry standards and according to our inhouse planned and preventative maintenance schedules which are in place to guarantee continued site operations. With our system easily mobilized for various locations or vessel requirements with onsite back up equipment for various tooling operations ensuring uninterrupted workflow for deadline targets and vessel departures or maintenance schedules.


SML 12000 MOD cat and 7.2-meterDive inflatable boats available for equipment transportation.


Propeller cleaning solution that promotes optimized performance


Propeller damage inspection, photo survey and crack arresting.


Hull and propeller real time streaming video for client / surveyors.


We have our own inhouse engineering workshop and CAD (CAM) design team to respond immediately to any damage or specific maintenance needs that the ship may require. Such as cofferdams for hull and rudder repairs or stern seal replacement. Our design Team is focusing on the development of a cleaning system for otherwise impossible areas to reach, such as water intake’s and outlet’s. In order to maximize water flow and pressure and minimize maintenance.


Providing sea chest blanking / outlet, inlet plugging and cleaning


PROP-SHINE SALDHANA expertise is in underwater Hull Cleaning, using the (ROVcart) and by Divers. Our revolutionary, in-house developed ROVcart can be adapted to many circumstances.

Maximum Safety We provide Hull Cleanings to all types of ships and hull types. Cleaning ships with a deep draft is often a challenge for Diving contractors as large teams are required and expensive equipment needs to be on-site. With the ROVcart this is no longer the case. We only need small teams and risks are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Unique Final Reports We provide our clients with very detailed final reports containing high-resolution photos and videos. A Hull Cleaning by PROP-SHINE SALDHANA with the ROVcart is a cleaning and inspection combined. Our operations can be monitored VIA STREAMING VIDEO JUST BY LOGGING IN WITH OUR PROVIDED INFORMATION, providing total transparency FOR REAL TIME OPERATIONS. On average, our ROVcart can clean up to 85-90% of a ship’s hull. We believe in the combination of Divers and our ROVcart operating side by side. While the ROVcart is cleaning the large surface areas of a hull, it is also inspecting by utilizing CCTV and still photos. Divers will clean and inspect some of the niche areas such as Propellers, Bilge Keels, and Grids.

Regular hull cleaning As an underwater ship maintenance company, what we often see is that Hull Cleaning services have been postponed for too long. There can be many reasons for this however we would like to point out that this can have devastating consequences. What starts as a thin layer of Algae or grass soon turns into a hull completely colonized by Barnacles. Especially in warm, dark, tropical waters, Barnacles can grow at a pace that often surprises ship-operators. Cleaning while Biofouling build-up is still in an early stage will save time and money.

Research and Development Our research and development department is responsible for developing a wide range of underwater tools such as the ROVcart. This collaboration with our operational Subsea teams, results in us being able to clean ships underwater to the highest standards. Our company takes great pride in building a skilled team from a multitude of disciplines and talents all who are certified to do their jobs in an international environment.

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