Courage to innovate | Care for the environment


Core driver of the maritime industry.

Efficiency is one of the core drivers of the maritime industry and Prop shine Sadhana’s goal is to build on these and improve them. This does not only transpire in the unique services we offer but also translates to our company culture of striving for perfection. We continue to expand and innovate with a focus on standardization and automation in order to achieve the efficiency’s required, without losing sight of our core values.


New standard in hull cleaning

The quality we strive for will add value to our customers bottom line. In order to achieve this we aim to set a new standard in hull cleaning by continuously developing and refining our technology in order to consistently provide a quality cleaning of the hull , with minimal impact on antifouling paint, while simultaneously removing all the bio fouling.


The impact of fouling

The negative impact of bio fouling being introduced into an ecosystem, which has no natural defences against these alien species, is devastating and a concern of ours. An improper procedure of hull cleaning accentuates this damage to the environment and therefore the need for our ROVcart , which reclaims all the biofouling and reintroduces clean seawater into the bay. Our goal is to be the leader’s in providing a service which will allow vessels to sail unhindered around the world while preserving the environment for future generations.


Solutions that create safe operations

Our ROVcart solutions do not only provide constant quality but also safe operations. Safety is our prime objective as we understand that our underwater work is only one of many tasks being carried out during a vessels routine stop in a port , and in order to achieve true safety excellence we take care of all the risk assessments, lockout procedures and communications with all stakeholders.

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