PROP-SHINE SALDHANA conducts its activities in an open and honest way AND WHICH OTHER DIVING COMPANY CAN SAY “MONITOR OUR WORK WITH REAL TIME VIDEO STREAMING globally. We adhere to regulations set out by local and international authorities in order to safeguard the well-being of our employees and the environments in which we operate. We do not compromise on safety and quality. We offer a service with an excellent price/quality ratio and have only one goal and that is to increase the performance of our clients assets while SAVING TIME, MONEY, THE ENVIROMENT AND AT THE SAME TIME ADDING TO EFFICIENCY’S CREATING OUR CULTURE OF WIN ABOVE ALL THE REST.


Our personnel consist of highly qualified technicians and divers with a proven track record for delivering results for all budgets and in all time frames. The team has experience in a wide range of underwater applications such as underwater hull cleaning and propeller polishing, underwater hull repairs and surveys, cofferdams as well as installation of anticorrosion protection systems. Our divers always strive on safety, efficiency and getting the job done.


We have our own inhouse engineering workshop and CAD (CAM) design team to respond immediately to any damage or specific maintenance needs that the ship may require. Such as cofferdams for hull and rudder repairs or stern seal replacement.


Integrity | Quality | Safety | Efficiency

Our team is made up of highly qualified technicians, divers and support staff, all with a proven track record for delivering results for all budgets and in all time frames. Our personnel have a wide range of experience in all underwater applications from normal day to day ship husbandry such as hull cleaning, propeller polishing, hull repairs, surveys and fitting of anticorrosion protection systems or if need be , to unique solutions like cofferdam installation for class approved permeant repairs. Safety and efficiency are our ethos and coupled with a ‘get the job done attitude’ by our R&D engineers, we can find a solution to any problem.

Sandra Bik

Founding Member


Doug Smith

Founding Member



Support Team


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